Advance Your Performance to the Next Level 


Learn how to use an understanding of style differences to have a bigger impact


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The Black Diamond Performance program is for you if...

  • You'd like to "crack the code" on how to present information to others so you'll be seen as an effective communicator.
  • You're eager to improve your influencing skills because you realize this will be a game changer for your career. Being a sought after influencer leads to more opportunities coming your way!
  • You value strong working relationships and want to have a better understanding of how to interact most effectively with others who have a different style from your own.
  • You want to improve your approach to collaborating with others to make decisions while working toward shared goals to get the best results for the organization.
  • You want to expand your leadership toolkit for how to get things done while fostering creativity and teamwork.

Now That You're Acclimated, You Can Accelerate Your Progress

Since you've completed the Acclimate to Accelerate program, you have a better understanding of:

  • Your unique strengths
  • Your personal & career values
  • Your top passions
  • Your personal brand
  • Your long-term vision

Now you can build on this critical foundation by taking your performance to the next level.

By advancing to the Black Diamond Performance program, you can expand your understanding of your own unique style AND learn how to adapt to the style of others.

Once you master this level, you'll be well poised for the Double Black Diamond Leadership program.

This program will help you... 

  • Gain clarity on your own unique style & preferences
  • Understand how to adapt your style to work best with others
  • Improve your communication skills 
  • Approach problem-solving & decision making with greater ease 
  • Get the best results through creativity & teamwork

Expand Your Unique Success Compass to Increase Your Impact

You'll learn how to...

  • Recognize where style differences with others may play a vital role in making progress on shared goals
  • Adapt your style to work more effectively with others 
  • Increase your influencing skills 
  • Improve your presentation skills
  • Create a communication plan that will result in the biggest impact
  • Select specific decision making tools and strategies that will best fit the situation
  • Approach problem-solving, managing conflict, leading productive meetings, creativity & teamwork and building relationships with greater confidence 
  • Build relationships that capitalize on each person's strengths and unique style
  • Organize and facilitate highly productive meetings
  • Delegate successfully
  • Optimize productivity and performance -- for both you and your team
  • Increase creativity and teamwork

Enroll TODAY and receive these FREE bonuses: 

  • Two Private One-Hour Coaching Sessions ($900 value) with Donna Ceriani to help you strategize on the best way to move forward with your goals! 
  • Six Weekly Group Training Calls ($1999 value) to complement the self-paced training program and provide you with additional support.

You'll have access to...

  • The online program Black Diamond Performance for 6 months
  • Online modules & course materials that are mobile friendly
  • Six group training calls along with access to the call recordings 
  • The Myers-Briggs online assessment to discover your unique personality type
  • Your own copy of the book The Fundamentals: Using Psychological Type to Understand and Appreciate Ourselves and Others by Charles R. Martin, Ph.D.
  • A private Facebook group along with other Success Compass Academy members for additional support to stay on track with your goals, ask questions and share resources

Highlights of what you'll learn in each module:

Module 1: Understanding Your Natural Style

  • Take the online Myers-Briggs assessment and receive customized indepth report 
  • Learn how an awareness of your natural style and preferences can help you improve your communications, influencing others, decision making, building relationships, teamwork and achieving your best results
  • Gain insight into how the Myers-Briggs insights can be applied to your interactions with others

Module 2: Communicate with Confidence

  • How to communicate more effectively -- both verbally and in writing -- by adapting your natural style to suit your audience
  • Gain strategies for improving your presentation skills 
  • Adopt a new framework for having constructive conversations
  • Enhance ability to create and maintain mutually satisfing relationships
  • Learn a comprehensive approach to creating a communications plan that can be used for projects or initiatives of any size

Module 3: Influence Others & Navigate Decision Making

  • Discover the 5 levels of empowerment and how knowing them can strengthen your decision making abilities
  • Learn the 5 types of decision making within organizations and how to implement each one
  • Understand key strategies for influencing others and negotiating for "win-win outcomes

Module 4: Expand Your Leadership Tookit

  • Learn valuable process tools to manage meetings more effectively
  • Gain strategies for creating high performance teams and fostering greater creativity
  • Understand how manage conflict
  • Understand techniques for conducting strategic planning that will tap into both your natural style and that of your team members  

Module 5: Optimize Productivity & Performance

  • Discover the power of the using SMART goal formula for both yourself and your team
  • Learn how to leverage your own preferences for "getting stuff done" in collaboration with others who have different preferences
  • Learn how to delegate successfully
  • Explore new habits for managing your priorities to increase confidence and sense of control


About Donna

Donna Ceriani is a Leadership Success Coach, Business Consultant and Speaker. Before becoming a coach, Donna was a senior leader in technology for more than 25 years, leading teams across the U.S., Europe and Asia. Throughout her career, she's had a passion for learning, tackling large-scale transformations and helping others reach their full potential. 

Today, she specializes in working with ambitious leaders who want to increase their contribution, get their best results and create a workplace for their teams to thrive. 

When Donna isn't working with her clients, she's counting the days until ski season!

To read more about Donna's background, click here.

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